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5th June

Project 1000 Only Solar Carports

Solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable sources of energy. Ontario has become a leader in North American electrical power generation from continually renewable natural resources, as solar energy is.

The 3,825 Electric Vehicles currently on Ontario roads have the potential to offset as much as 12,910 tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions and reduce gasoline usage by as much as 5.8 million liters per year. These figures inclined us to kick-off a 1000 Solar EV Carports in Ontario project. Only Sun Energy Inc. is set to install a 1000 Solar EV Carports on Ontario parking lots. The whole of Ontario residents and Province of Ontario are beneficiaries of the project, an affirmation of our commitment with 100% Green Energy.

Only Sun Energy Inc. is open for cooperation with any company offering solutions in solar energy usage.