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13th June

Green profit from socially responsible companies

There are many companies today which are trying to improve their businesses. Some of them invest in renewable energy resources, since that means being responsible, environmentally friendly and saving money for some other investments.

IKEA has already gone far in that direction. IKEA Canada has outfitted three of Ontario rooftops with solar panels – 3,790 panels to be exact. These installations generate about 1,000,000 kWh of renewable energy every year, which is enough to power about 100 homes. This is only the beginning. As of 2010, a third of theirs stores’ hot water is heated by sunrays. These initiatives help them move towards a goal of producing more renewable energy than consumed by 2020.

Tesla Motors deserves a mention for its great business development. Beside electric cars, Tesla Powerwall starts commercializing a wall-mounted battery, to store and distribute electricity in consumer homes, whose capacity is scalable yet in range of tens of kWh. It is rather affordable energy storage solution.

Tesla Energy for Business, are rack configuration of Tesla’s vehicular power train storage and electronics, hundreds of kWh in capacity, while Tesla Energy for Utilities are blocks to scale battery capacity in MWh. Undoubtedly quite substantial power back-ups for industry.

These are examples of great progress in saving the environment and business development, at the same time. Only Sun Energy Inc. is set to act in benefits of people and future generations. We are to install solar EV carports across North America, starting with a 1000 solar Carports in Ontario.